I Professionisti

The Studio Legale Calabrese began its activities in Padova in the year 1984. It offers consulting services and assistance in the context of civil and commercial law, international trade law, international sports law, assisting both individuals and small and medium enterprises.
The Firm has created over the years an important network of contacts with public and private entities, both in Italy and overseas, and it is in a position to assist its Clients both in Italy and abroad, in particular  in the following countries: Austria, Spain, Argentina and the United Arab Emirates.
In recent years, the Legal Profession has undergone a remarkable transformation linked to the evolution of society and the globalization of the markets.
Even in this context, the Studio Legale Calabrese guarantees a tailor-made approach in line with the ancient tradition of the Legal Profession, being firmly convinced that this expression is synonymous of quality, confidentiality and devotion to the interests of its Clients.
However, in the practise of the Legal Profession a good approach to the problems and the specific skills are not always enough. Often you have to add an additional element: the ingeniousness.
An added value distinguishing one lawyer from the others.

Sede di Padova